In Slovakia, beneath one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Europe – the High Tatras, is a splendid area of pure natural beauty. Lush meadows, forests, and flourishing mountain greenery reminiscent of a country like Switzerland or Austria. This region has never been intensively cultivated, so the soil here is still extremely fertile and there are a number of farmers who are now producing bio products because the whole area has been untouched for centuries.

BioTatry is a group of such farmers who produce high-quality raw materials. Our top quality dairy products and natural products coming from this region are being sought after more and more by customers in major European countries. We export them to Italy, Germany and Austria and we are currently planning to extend their sales into Asia as well. We want to offer the inhabitants of this part of the world the opportunity to choose real quality foods produced without the use of chemicals and in harmony with nature. We meet all the stringent European breeding and processing standards and we also plan to meet Chinese certification requirements.

Dear business partner, should you be interested in finding out more, we invite you personally to become acquainted with our region and with your own eyes be convinced of the purity of the pristine mountain landscape in Slovakia, where our original and healthy dairy products come from.

Miroslav Szabo
managing director BioTatry

Miroslav Szabo
výkonný riaditeľ | managing director

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